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Psychedelic Visionary is an exploration into mind manifesting, boundary dissolving aspects and qualities of visionary art and thinking. Expanding our pallet of metaphors to relate to the inner and outer world gives us greater freedom and opens possibilities, in life and in life’s interactions that had previously been inconceivable.

Truly inspired art and thinking goes beyond an individual and pulls from threads entangled in mystery. The work of the Visionary artist and thinker is to go beyond the historical and cultural self and re-enter the timeless moment inspiring the manifestation of imagery, lyric and connection transcendental to ordinary cultural themes as well as ordinary states of consciousness.

The visionary artist is in a process of transformation as his/her definition of self is in a constant flux of creative imagination and his/her ideas of limitation and boundary is being dissolved. The Visionary works from a position of gratitude and deep connection. On the journey of discovery the visionary embraces his experience as his greatest gift and opens himself to the radiance of detail and the mystery of life.


Much of the content of the visionary experience is impossible to grapple into language.  Knowing this the visionary becomes familiar with nonlinguistic forms of thinking and this overflows into rich, vibrant visual artworks, poetry on the edge of magic, world changing or paradigm shifting thinking, and novel creative energy that penetrates into all aspects of life.

Psychedelic Visionary will share with you techniques and practice into altered states of consciousness, exploring the creative process and philosophy that is emerging from the growing body of Visionary work. Most of all Psychedelic Visionary is here to encourage the artist to continue on his journey and help to rekindle the creative flame within. The Visionary journey of self-transformation can be alienating because it is so radically different from the status quo of modernity. You are not alone in your growing connection with the earth, cosmos and the great mystery.

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